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Automated Telephone Line available 24/7

Guardian Savings Bank's

"Anytime Access"

(513) 842-7601

Toll Free (877) 351-0613

A fast, simple way to access your account by phone anytime.

  • Obtain Account Information
    1. Check Balance Information
    2. Verify Checks Paid
    3. Verify Recent Withdrawals (Debits) and
        Deposits (Credits)
    4. Obtain Interest Paid Information
    5. Verify Loan Payments Due
    6. Verify Certificate of Deposit Maturity Date
  • Place Stop Payments
  • Report Lost Debit/ATM Cards
  • Activate Debit Cards
  • Transfer funds between accounts (must be preauthorized)
  • Make your loan payment (must be preauthorized)
  • Check Branch Locations and Operating Hours

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Automated Telephone Line available 24/7